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Dear Arizona Lawmaker :

There are 93 million unbanked or underbanked Americans, according to the FDIC. In Arizona, this reality affects many, from contractors who can’t always depend on a steady paycheck to those whose financial history has been wrecked by divorce, crippling healthcare needs or job losses. 

As such, I write to ask for your support of SB1316, which creates a “Flex Loan” option and gives consumers protected access to smaller-dollar loans in a legal and well-regulated marketplace.  Here the support from several customers here.

Currently, these residents have few lending options in Arizona. While there are auto title loans and pawnshop-style loans available, not everyone has assets or a vehicle to put up as collateral. One hardship – an injury, illness, death in the family or even necessary but expensive household repair – can leave these families and individuals with difficult decisions, or resorting to offshore and often anonymous online loans for short-term infusions of cash, which offer no protections or recourse through state and local agencies. 

SB1316 would solve their problem, giving them a safer, regulated lending option to use when times get tough.