Support For Common Sense Legislation

Flexible credit loan legislation in 2015 was endorsed by: Goldwater Institute, Arizona Free Enterprise Club, Arizona Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jarrett Maupin, Arizona House of Representatives, 2015 Libertarian Party Nominee for Governor Barry Hess, and hundreds of families throughout Arizona like these:

Some people need this money so they can bury their loved ones, so they can buy a new roof, so they can buy a vehicle. If they had an opportunity and someone would lend them money, then their lives would be improved.

They wouldn’t just be getting by… We are locked out of financial institutions in the inner city. We need a chance. We need a choice.

Rev. Jarrett Maupin, Civil Rights Leader, Phoenix

My name is Kathryn Aitchison. I am a typical single mom who at times cannot get my paycheck to stretch enough when emergencies come along. I am lucky to have a job at Marana Unified School District but sometimes the pay cannot cover all expenses. In 2012 a financial mishap left me in need of money to get my children back to Arizona following a visit with their father in Tennessee. I tried to get a credit card but they turned me down. I called around and the people in Check Into Cash were able to help me. I walked out of there with nine hundred dollars and was able to repay the loan.

Later I would need money to help my teenaged sister who had moved in with me. Again an auto tile loan helped me out. Months later my car needed repairs and they revamped the loan so I could walk out with the 400 dollars I needed. I was able to do this because I had a car for a title loan. There are many others struggling with credit who do not have cars or collateral. Sadly Arizona limits their lending options.

HB2611 would change that by expanding credit options, making more loans available to more people. I only ask for the opportunity to secure a small loan at a reasonable payment I can’t afford to take care of my needs with the same sense of pride and dignity afforded those with greater means and better economic standing. I ask this not only for myself but for countless other families struggling with credit issues. Please vote yes on HB2611

Thank you,

Kathryn Aitchison, Marana

My name is Alberto Barcenas. I live in Yuma and I have been working for the city of Yuma for more than 20 years. Like many during the recession, I had some difficulties with my mortgage and my credit score suffered. That makes it next to impossible to get loans through traditional banks. However when I was in need of a small loan, I was able to get what I needed through an auto title loan via Check Into Cash. The terms were disclosed and I have been able to pay off these loans.

I was able to handle unexpected emergencies because of this one lending option. However this option is not available to everyone because not everyone owns a car or truck. Lending options are very limited in Arizona. HB2611 would help solve that problem by allowing those with lower credit scores to get smaller loans without putting up their car or other assets as collateral.

There are many in Arizona not served by traditional banks that need this lending option. There are companies willing to provide it. Please vote yes on HB2611 so that more Arizonans have more options when they need a loan.


Alberto Barcenas, 

My name is Sharon Brewer. I live in Globe and have needed the help of small loans that I have received through Check Into Cash. I am retired and on a fixed income. When my grandson came to live with me I found myself in need of an occasional loan to cover the costs of raising a child. I used auto title loans to make that happen. I struggle with low credit and a traditional bank loan was not possible.

I still consider myself fortunate because I have a car which allowed me to get the loans. Not everyone is as lucky. And these people have few if any lending options because Arizona restricts “Flex Loans” that would be permitted if HB2611 becomes law. My grandson is now an adult and is doing well. I’m glad and grateful. It’s my hope that more Arizonans can have more lending options as provided by HB2611. Whether it’s needed to cover medical bills, car repairs, or clothes fort a growing grandson; it seems to me our government should be making it easier for people to get emergency loans.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and please vote yes on HB2611.


Sharon Brewer
, Globe

My name is Cynthia Castaneda and I live in Globe with my two grandchildren and my daughter. I support for House Bill 2611, which gives more lending options to more Arizonans and I ask that you please vote yes. I have been working for the Gila County Attorney’s Office for about 20 years. It is stable work but sometimes I find myself needing an occasional loan for emergency expenses or simply to buy Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. Because of a lower credit score, getting a small personal loan through traditional banks can be a challenge.

On those occasions I have made use of auto title loans through Check Into Cash. I am happy with the service and the options they provide. Not everyone needing a small loan can do this because of restrictions in state restrictions. Smaller loans to those with lower credit scores are not available to Arizonans who do not have a car for an auto title loan or assets for a ‘pawn shop’ loan. And that’s unfortunate. It’s a fact of life that traditional banks don’t serve everyone, even though they are gainfully employed. In Arizona it’s unfortunate that lending institutions that wish to serve more people face roadblocks.

HB 2611 eliminates those roadblocks by giving people more lending options.
 Working families face all sorts of expenses. It would be nice if they had more choices to pay those expenses. HB2611 fixes that problem. Please vote yes on HB 2611.


Cynthia Castaneda,

Libertarians are about individual choice. People with low credit scores in Arizona don’t have many choices when they need to borrow money, especially for small loans to take care of unexpected emergencies.

Most if not all banks do not serve this constituency. As a libertarian, I would say that is their prerogative. Auto title loans and pawn shops partially fill this void. But unless someone has a vehicle or other assets to put  up as collateral, those with lower credit scores generally can’t obtain loans.

HB2611 changes that by allowing ‘Flex Loans.’  These are loans under $3,000 that do not require collateral. The loans would be regulated and the lender would be required to disclose all associated costs such as interest rates. Some liberal members of the Arizona legislature oppose the idea. They apparently believe that people with lower credit scores aren’t smart enough to make their own financial decisions.

I don’t believe it is the government’s job to limit commerce or to stand between customers and the people who want to serve them. I hope you will support HB2611


Barry Hess, 2014 Arizona Libertarian Party Nominee For Governor

My name is Gloria Meza . I live in the Douglas area, and I received an auto title loan within the past year in order to pay some emergency home repair bills. The terms of the title loan were explained to me in a clear fashion and I was able to repay the loan.  Check Into Cash was able to provide me with a loan when I needed immediate financing. The people at Check Into Cash were helpful and courteous. As a manager of a Verizon Store, I am very aware of the importance of good customer service.

I am also aware of the need for more lending options for Arizonans, especially for those with lower credit scores who are underserved by traditional banks. Not everyone has a vehicle for a title loan or sufficient assets for a ‘pawn shop’ type loan.

House Bill 2611 rights this wrong by allowing people  needing loans of $3000 or less to get financing  without putting up an automobile or other belongings as collateral. It makes good sense and I hope you will make a good decision and approve HB 2611.


Gloria Meza, Douglas

My name is Antwone Mills and I am a resident of Tucson. Within the past year I found myself in need of an auto title loan and was very happy with the way my loan was handled by the lending company, Check Smart. This loan helped me through some difficult financial times. Had I not had a vehicle, my financial situation would have been far more difficult. That’s because Arizona law has no provisions for people to obtain small loans unless they have a car title or other assets to put up as collateral.

It strikes me as odd that our state puts up these roadblocks between borrowers and lenders when so many of my friends and neighbors are not being served by traditional banks. House Bill 2611 gives more Arizonans more lending options, especially those with lower credit scores. This recession is far from over and there are lots of Arizonans struggling financially. These people have few places to turn if they need a loan.

I feel fortunate. I was able to borrow the money I needed simply because I had a vehicle for a title loan. I urge our leaders to approve House Bill 2611 because traditional banks aren’t serving everyone; and not everyone in need of a loan owns a car.


Antwone Mills
, Tucson